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Milling Love

Sep 12, 2022Santa Fe Aqui

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Just to go on record, I am not the mom that grows our daily food or makes 5-star dishes. Heck, cooking, in general, is a stretch if I don’t adequately plan and prep. We all have our favorite not-so-healthy food affairs;  mine is bread. You will only catch me buying Ezekiel english muffins from the store when I need my bread fix. I am pretty sure that my house was bread-free for about ten years. My poor hubby!

I tried the sourdough starter fad, and well, thanks to my non-green thumb gene, the starter didn’t stand a chance! My colleagues were really into wheat milling, which creates a fantastic loaf of wheat bread with numerous health benefits – such as vitamin E, healthy grain for the gut, and fresh flour. I tried our different grains a few times, mastered the recipe, and thought I would share some tips to get you started.

Items you need:

  • Milling tool. Mine is an attachment for the Kitchenaid. There are many options, so do your research and add whatever works with your kitchenware. Las Cosas in the DeVargas mall carries a few options.
  • Wheat berries or whatever grain you decide. This one is tricky because not all stores carry them. I buy mine from Breadbeckers. They’re fresh and offer mailing services.
  • Kitchen Scale

Looking for a bread recipe? I’ve got you covered!

Happy Milling!